Everything You Need to Know About Rise Of Empires PC Game 1999

A turn-based strategy game called Rise Of Empires was made available for the PC in 1999. Players control one of the various factions battling for control of the land in the game, which is set in the medieval era. The game has a substantial number of structures and units, as well as a sophisticated economic system. Rise Of Empires is a difficult game that needs meticulous preparation and execution.


  • A turn-based strategy game called Rise Of Empires was published in 1999 for the PC.
  • Players must utilize military, economic, and political methods to establish their empire in this medieval-era game.
  • Rise Of Empires is a difficult game that necessitates players to deliberate their actions in order to win.
  • The game is also extremely lucrative because those who are successful in creating an empire will be able to reap the rewards of their labor.
  • Rise Of Empires is a fantastic game that, all things considered, presents a lot of obstacles and rewards for those who are ready to put in the work.

Game Info

Rise Of Empires PC Game 1999

The Rise Of Empires game was released in 1999 by Microprose. The game was developed by the same team that created Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. The game was set in ancient times when players would take control of various civilizations and compete for power. 

Players could choose between three different races; humans, elves, and dwarves. Each race had its own unique characteristics and strengths. There were four different types of units that could be built, including infantry, cavalry, siege weapons, and war machines. In addition, each civilization had its own unique buildings that could be constructed. These included temples, palaces, fortresses, and towers.

Age of Empires II gameplay (PC Game, 1999)

Rise Of Empires PC Games

There were two versions of Rise Of Empires PC games. One version was released for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP operating systems. Another version was released for Mac OS X. Both versions were released in 1999. The Windows version was published by MicroProse, while the Mac version was published by Sierra Entertainment.

Rise Of Empires PC Cheats

In order to cheat in the Rise Of Empires PC game, players would need to use cheats. There were many cheats that could be accessed online. However, some cheats were only accessible if the player purchased them. If a player wanted to access these cheats, they would have to purchase them using real money.

Rise Of Empires PC Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of the Rise Of Empires PC Game

Rise Of Empires PC Game 1999

 Rise Of Empires PC Reviews

Reviews of the Rise Of Empires game were generally positive. Many reviewers praised the gameplay and graphics. However, some reviewers criticized the lack of multiplayer options.

Evolution of AGE OF EMPIRES Games 1997-2019

Can you play Rise of Empires on PC?

On LDPlayer, Rise of Empires can be played on a computer.

A real-time strategy game with a large number of players is called Rise of Empires. A little hamlet that has been decimated by the Eastern Dynasty invasion and the enigmatic apparition of the fabled Death Harbingers will be the setting for the player’s leadership position in the game.

Can you play Rise of Empires on PC?

Yes! You can play Rise of Empires on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/Mac OS X.

How do I download Age of Empires on PC?

Download Age of Empires on PC using BlueStacks App Player
BlueStacks is a popular Android emulator that lets you run apps on Windows 10 PCs. You can use it to play games like Age of Empires on your computer. To get started, download the free BlueStacks app player software from their website.

Once installed, launch the program and sign in with your Microsoft account. Then search for Age of Empires on Google Play Store. Tap the Install button to start downloading the game. When the installation completes, open the game and follow the instructions to install it.

Is Age of Empires available for PC?


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