How to Update a game in Yandex 2023 ? [The Ultimate Guide]

The game you uploaded to the Yandex dashboard is not the ultimate version of the game. You will find yourself that there are more things to be added to the game as well. (How to Update a game in Yandex)

You are free to make new versions as well as updates to the existing version. As a game developer, it is up to you to take your game to its best level. After making an archive, you can submit it to Yandex.

Even after doing that, Yandex moderators will take some time to release the new versions you have added.

We also wanted to make the best out of the game and deliver an update. Although we did not have an understanding, we followed some easy steps in the process. We expected to explain the steps we followed.

How To update a game in Yandex?

  1. Checked whether our new game meets the requirements.

As the first step, we must make sure our new version meets all the requirements provided by the Yandex platform. After making sure, we proceeded to the next step.

Note: You can easily follow the below link to refer to such requirements. If you have not caged many things in the next version but fix a few bugs and minor changes, you will be able to proceed straight away.
  1. Next, we opened the dashboard from our developer account.
  2. We clicked on “Applications” In the upper-left corner of the dashboard.
  3. After that, we located our uploaded game on the list (If you have changed recently the particular game, you will see it at the bottom).
  4. Then, we clicked on the Game we wanted to add changes.
  5. We discovered that a user may do one of the following to edit the game.
  • Clicking  “Create draft” You must follow this link only if you are updating or editing the game for the first time.
  • If you already have drafted the form before, you will directly be taken to that drafted form. You will be able to continue the draft you stopped previously.
  • You must select a draft to edit from the game tree. Also, next, you must click its name if the game has saved drafts. (If you have saved several drafts for a single game before, you will have to choose one of them)
  1. Then we Edited the fields as we wanted to make slight changes. Also, we discovered that a user can upload a new archive.
  2. Next, we clicked on “Submit for moderation”. After this option is chosen, you declare that you have chosen every detail right.
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Also, The game will be submitted to the Yandex servers for consideration. The moderators will get into consideration and clear the game for updates. You will see “Waiting for moderation” as the updated file is waiting for approval.

Moderators will search whether you have followed the requirements they have mentioned. Your game logo, texts, publishing material, and various things will be considered.

Note: We contacted Yandex due to taking longer than we expected. They mentioned that the moderating will not be conducted in the nighttime and on holidays.

You can see the results in the dashboard:

  • After our draft passed the moderation, we observed that its update had changed back to “Checked”. Only after that, we could see that the  Publish button had appeared on the draft options.

Note: If you don’t see the Publish button even after the moderation has changed to “Checked” it is due to a bug. We saw several developers who faced the same station. You must contact Yandex customer assistance on such occasions.

  • On some occasions, the Draft status would turn to  “Rejected”. You will receive an email to the email address that has been mentioned in the Yandex ID. That particular email will clearly state the reasons why your form has been rejected after the Moderation process.

Note: you don’t have to bother about such situations as you can easily correct them and apply for the next time. We had to submit your changes 02 times due to being rejected by the moderators. Also, we experienced that the moderators would give a higher priority to the Re-drafting than the first time.

  1. Clicked Publish.
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You can simply press the Publish button which will then release the game’s latest version to the Yandex platform within a few minutes. You will be able to monetize without making any changes from this moment onwards.

Finally, you will see that the draft has disappeared from the game tree. Also, there will be a “Create draft” button that appears on the tab which you can use to create a new change.


We hope now you must have an understanding of “how to update the Yandex game”. If you still have things to clarify, please feel free to contact us. Also, you will be able to get assistance from Yandex Developer Assistance.

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