My Yandex Game Progress Lost, How To Fix (Solved) Step-By-Step

While I was playing my favorite Yandex racing game, I was brought to the beginning of the game. Also, I saw that I had lost progress, and there was no way I could get back my achievements. (My Yandex Game Progress Lost).

I searched a lot about this topic and could not get any direct answer from any of them. That Is why I decided to conduct a small research on the matter.

I could fix my issue and discover several reasons why my Yandex game progress has been lost as well.

In this article, I will share everything that I found about the Yandex Achievements, not lost.

How would I know that My Yandex Game Progress Lost?

In most cases, the game progress loss had been identified after restarting the browser. That happened to me, either. I was playing my favorite racing game on Yandex and closed the browser after that.

After turning on the browser, I realized that the progress was gone. I saw that I did not have any saved games.

After Restarting The Computer

You may get to face the situation after restarting your PC as well. I discovered that the user must have chosen the restart PC option to get a game that lost its progress. The most important thing was the game progress had no loss after shutting down and turning on the PC.

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You May See It Suddenly As Well

I discovered a few Yandex gamers who had got a crashed game and were brought back to the beginning of the game. You are playing the game, and suddenly you will go to the beginning of the game.

If You Are A Smartphone User

One of the most common things about Yandex’s progress/achievement loss is due to the use of a smartphone. Most of the users who complained about the

How may Yandex game progress lose?

My Yandex Game Progress Lost How To Fix Solved 1 1

We discovered several reasons that you could lose your Yandex achievements within a second.

1. Network Connectivity Issues

If there are network connectivity issues or interruptions during gameplay, you will not be able to save your game progress. Since it is a process that happens automatically, you don’t have to do anything. I discovered that some Yandex games would indicate saving, and there are others that don’t.

Note: Some Yandex games don’t save the game at all. On such occasions, you will have to start from the beginning each time you start.

2. Clearing Browser Cache

After you clear your browser cache, it may remove saved game data as the game progress of Yandex games is saved in the cache files. Since Yandex games are small games, they don’t require any location access. The cache cleaner that you as software or an extension of the internet browser may delete such files automatically.

3. Using Different Devices Or Browsers

I discovered that most of the gamers who complained about the Yandex game achievement loss had played the Yandex game from different browsers. If you play the same game on different devices or browsers, the sync will not happen automatically. Even if you can sync data, we can not assure you that you can play the same game with saved achievements.

4. Game Updates

We discovered that Sometimes, game updates would cause progress to be lost. For example, if an update changes the game’s save file location or format, it will cause previously saved progress to become inaccessible. The end result is you will not be able to play the game from the point where you stopped.

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5. Bugs Or Glitches

Any game in the world is not a perfect one. The games we know as AAA are not free from bugs or glitches either. We can assure you that Yandex, one of the platforms that are used by developers to test their games, has the perfect games.

Bugs or glitches in the game itself may drop the Yandex progress to not be saved or to disappear.

Operating System Update

One of the reasons that you could lose your achievements is due to the OS updating. The file system may be updated, and the internet browser may be updated as a result of this. Windows 11 has been designed to implement automatic updates, and other is a higher probability you may lose game data due to updating. If you used Windows edge as the web browser, you will lose the game data as a sure fact.

How to Fix Yandex Achievements lost issue?

We discovered several solutions that could fix the Yandex achieve lost issue.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

You must Ensure that you have a stable internet connection, as this could affect the synchronization of your game progress and achievements. You may simply open a URL using the web browser. If it works, then you move to other fixes.

2. Check For Updates

You must Make sure that you are using the latest version of the Yandex game that you are playing. Usually, Yandex games have more mode updates than other games on different platforms. Maybe, you get the unsaved game data due to a bug. Updating is the best way to fix that. If there is an update available, you must install it and see if the achievement is restored.

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3. Restart The Game

After restarting the game, there is a high probability of getting the saved data. There can be errors caused by the game as well as the browser. You get to fix them easily using the restart.

4. Close The Game And Restart It Again

Sometimes, a simple restart can fix the issue and bring back the progress you have achieved. The most important thing is you should not play a new game or start a new one. If you do that, the file systems will be written as a new game, and you will get away from your goal.

5. Contact Support

If the above steps do not work, you must contact Yandex game support for further assistance. They will assist you in restoring your lost achievement.

6. Recover Cleared Cache

We discovered that the cache clearing or speeding up apps cause trouble to Yandex games. As a result of this, you will not be able to get the saved game data. You must avoid the cache-clearing process as much as possible, and you must not clear the browser cache if there is a single game progress you don’t want to lose.

7. Save the game before exiting the browser.

You must save the Yandex game before exiting to avoid any game achievement-saving errors. As you already know, some browsers just close as soon as the user presses the close button. To avoid this, you must make sure that you have saved everything.


We hope now you know how to avoid Yandex Game Saving errors or achievement retrieving issues. If you still have issues, please contact Yandex or the respected developer.

Note: In some cases, the users had not been able to reach the Yandex website due to some reasons. You must make sure you have not blocked Yandex using extensions.

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