The Best Yandex Car Drifting Games In 2023

Among hundreds of tastes in a car or a racing game, drifting is one of the sweetest tastes. Even if you are a person who plays racing games only for drifting needs, that will be nothing to be ashamed of. Out-of-car drifting games Yandex car drifting games are cool. The best Yandex car drifting games are below.

As one of the best simple gaming platforms, Yandex has offered hundreds of drifting games. In this article, we will explain the best drifting games in Yandex.

Pocket Drift

pocket drift

Pocket Drift is a thrilling and addictive racing game that is all about mastering the art of drifting. The game has five unique cars and five challenging tracks, each with its own twists and turns.

Players must intentionally cause their cars to lose traction and slide around turns in order to earn points. The more distance and style a player can achieve while drifting, the higher their score will be.

The game delivers a top-down, isometric perspective that makes it easy to see and navigate the tracks. Also, the simple controls are easy to learn. But you must not be fooled by the simplicity of the game – Pocket Drift is challenging to master. You will require careful timing and precision to achieve the perfect drift.

Age RatingPlatformsAuthorization SupportLocalizationScreen OrientationRelease DateCloud SavesPlayers
6+AllNoTurkish, English, RussianLandscapeJan 23, 2023No3,000

Hyper Drift Car

Hyper Drift Car allows you to enjoy the basic drifting experience on a simple platform. The game is played on a single road where the drifting is the only aspect to be fulfilled. All you have to do is either touch or not touch the display. As soon as you touch at the right moment, the car will turn and drift.

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There are plenty of vehicle options for you. The more you play the game, you will earn more cars with increased money. Although you have to go through in single races, you will be qualified to go for the online battles.

The graphics are minimalist, the sound will be realistic, and the competition will be the real world. So what keeps you waiting?

Age RatingPlatformsAuthorization SupportLocalizationScreen OrientationRelease DatePlayers
0+AllYesHindi, Turkish, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, English, RussianLandscape and PortraitSep 30, 2022230,000

Drift Band Game

Drift Band

Drift Band Game is an exciting racing game designed for those who love drifting on high-performance cars. The game is for anyone who has an interest in this topic, regardless of age or skill level. Along with its cool physics, players can learn how to drift quickly and easily.

One of the main features of the game is the ability to tune your car to your liking. You can do this easily by adjusting the suspension and camber of the wheels. As players progress through the game, they will unlock more powerful engines that will allow them to participate in even more challenging competitions.

One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the high score system. Players can compete with their friends and try to beat each other’s scores online.

Age rating6+
Authorization supportNo
LocalizationEnglish, Russian
Screen orientation
Release dateAug 9, 2022
Cloud savesNo

Sling Drift Cars

Sling Drift Cars is an addictive and thrilling game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. The game is all about mastering the art of drifting your car through turns. Also, you must use your car’s sling to navigate through the challenging and ever-changing track.

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What makes Sling Drift Cars particularly exciting is its endless gameplay, which means that you can play for as long as you want. As you progress through the game, the challenges become more difficult, but the thrill of mastering each new level will keep you coming back for more.

The game also features a scoring system. It allows you to compete with your friends or other players around the world. You can challenge yourself to beat your highest score. Also, you can see how you stack up against other players on the game’s leaderboard.

Age RatingPlatformsAuthorization SupportLocalizationScreen OrientationRelease DateCloud SavesPlayers
6+AllNoRussian, EnglishLandscapeApr 19, 2021No44,000

Final Thought -The Best Yandex Car Drifting Games

According to the ratings, the number of positive reviews, graphics, sounds, and drifting capability, these Yandex drift games are recommended for any gamer. Stay with us as we update more articles.

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