How To Upload A Game To Yandex [The Ultimate Guide]

Yandex, one of the most famous platforms in the world, has introduced the ability to upload games to other platforms. A user will be able to make an earning in the future and may get more benefits through the particular action. (How To Upload A Game To Yandex)

We developed our own game and uploaded it to the Yandex server. We wanted to inform you about the particular process with easy steps to follow. Also, we must remind you that the game uploading is not as hard as it seems.

You will understand it in the below steps we explain.

Go to The Yandex dashboard

The first step is to register for the Yandex dashboard. It is a tool that allows a developer to add a game to the servers.

The particular server is known as the Yandex catalog, in which the games we played are displayed. A gamer can refer to the Yandex app or the Yandex online engine to find the game.

We discovered that we had a chance of having reached an audience of 50 million gamers.

Also, we wanted it to add monetization for the particular game we developed. Only after getting to the Yandex dashboard could we add monetization as an option as well.

First, we went to the below link to reach the dashboard. If you don’t already have a Yandex account, you’ll need to create one. You can do this by visiting the Yandex website and clicking on the “Sign up” button.

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You may use the below link to do that.

You must enter a username or your email to create the account. You should create a strong password as the platform requires that.

Then Create A Browser Game

Then we created a browser-based online game. We make sure that it had all the requirements of the Yandex platform. You may go to requirements using this link. 

Installed the SDK

We installed the SDK to ease the game development process. Therefore, we could easily incorporate the previous work done by third-party developers.

You may create the game all by yourself as well. Then, you don’t have to install SDK. All you have to do is to make sure the game meets the requirements. 

Uploaded the game

We then uploaded our game to the Yandex server using the Yandex Games developer dashboard. We followed the below steps in updating the Yandex game. 

We discovered that we could upload the game as a new game or a game. If we had uploaded our game to other platforms, we should follow “Uploading the game as “A Game.” 

  1. We upload the game in the English language. But you can choose Russian or Turkish as the language. 
  2. Next, we opened the dashboard and chose “Add an App.”
  3. After that, we got to see the License Agreement, and we must put a tick on the last paragraph. 
  4. As the next step, we were forwarded to the Draft Tab, which should be filled out by us. 

Setting The Title

We had to set up the name for the game we had uploaded

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The maximum length for the game was 46 characters, including the punctuation marks. 

Setting The SEO Description

We had to highlight our game among all other games on the Yandex platform. Therefore, the SEO description was one of our team’s major concerns. We followed the below steps to optimize our game. 

You can refer to the below webpage to get a proper idea about the SEO of your game.

As the next step, we added the description of the game

We included the specialty of our game, and we managed to put some keywords we researched on the Yandex search engine. You must put your game type, the number of levels, and the challenges a gamer will have to face. We discovered that we could include 1000 words for this section. 

“How To Play” Section

The next section we filled out was the “How to Play section” Although we could have skipped this section without putting effort, we did try to put a long description. 

Note: We discovered that the How To Play section must be long. The longer it gets, the higher our game will rank on the Yandex platform. 

Just like that, Version, categories, Tags, and keywords are inserted into the Draft. 


We prepared a 512×512 pixels icon for the game. We uploaded it as the next step. We thoroughly followed the below steps when designing the logo. 

  • Adding colorful shapes
  • Keeping it in PNG format
  • Adding image texts for SEO purposes
  • Avoiding the letters in the icon


The next step was to design a cover. We designed 1000 × 470 pixels, which contain letters and colorful shapes. We added an image text to the cover as well. 

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As the next steps, we followed the on-screen instructions to add the game to the Yandex server. Sticky banners, age rating, supported platforms, orientation, and the advertising videos like [parst had to be filled next. We could complete them within 05 minutes.  

Waited For Review

After we submitted your game, Yandex took some time to make sure it met its guidelines and standards. The same process is also known as moderation, which was conducted by the moderators. This process can take several days or weeks, depending on the volume of submissions.

Published Your Game

After our game was approved, we could publish the game in the next second. All we had to do was to click on publish button in the Draft. At this point, it will be available for Yandex users to play.

Note: Please remember that these steps may go from one platform to the other. Before uploading your game, you must ensure that you read the guidelines and requirements for the platform you have chosen.

Conclusion (How To Upload A Game To Yandex)

We hope you can now upload your developed or underdeveloped game to the Yandex platform. As we mentioned, it will be a great way to make an income. All you have to do is to enable monetization. If you still have issues, please feel free to contact us.

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