How To Fix Mafia Definitive Edition Cut Scenes Not Working And Ultra-Wide Issues

Cutscenes are crucial for a game as they give stimulation to a gamer. Also, these Cutscenes guide upcoming tasks of the game. I saw that some gamers had not been able to enjoy the cutscenes due to some reasons. Other than the cutscenes, there are ultra-wide playing issues that bring the same trouble. (How To Fix Mafia Definitive Edition Cut Scenes Not Working And Ultra-Wide Issues)  

It has affected those who had a PC Ultra Widescreen 3840×1080 ratio 32:9, and the real taste of the game had vanished. In this article, we will explain how to fix the cutscenes issue and the ultra-wide issue for the mafia definitive edition.

How do I know my cutscenes are not showing in the mafia definitive edition?

If you see a frozen scene instead of a video, that is due to the cutscenes issue of the mafia definitive edition. I saw that some users had been able to see the first few seconds of the cutscenes and then went into freezing.

Even after playing the same mission, they could not go ahead.

Some users saw a black screen that sent everything into the dark, and the users happened to play the same task again. Even if they had played the same task, the gamers had not have been able to go through that particular mission.

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How does the cutscenes issue happen in the mafia definitive edition?

I conducted a small research on the users who had faced the cutscenes issue and realized that it was mainly due to corrupted file systems. After running a third-party app such as Virus scan, their file systems missed some essential parts belonging to the games. More importantly, those parts were from the cutscenes.

I found some more reasons that could cause the cutscenes not to work the issue.

Bugs Are A Reason Too

Bugs are also a part of the mafia definitive edition game, and those issues cause problems sometimes. As I discovered, the bugs cause 40% of the cutscenes problems.


Updating also has been an issue. Users had not been able to see the cutscenes after going through the updates. In most cases, the OS update had caused this error as well. Although there have been several GPU updates, the issue had not arisen.

Hardware Issues

When you don’t have the specs to run the game, there is a probability you don’t see the cutscenes. Although cutscenes are run as videos, the definitive mafia edition has been designed to show them in gaming graphics. I observed that the graphic quality increases when the cutscenes are shown.

How To Fix The Freezing Cutscenes Issue?

You may follow the below fixes to get rid of the cutscenes issues

Quit and restart

I found some gamers had restarted their games to get a solution.

  • The best way to go into the cutscenes is to quit the game and restart the game. You may quit the game by pressing Alt+F4 easily
  • If it doesn’t work, follow the below steps
  • Open the taskbar
  • Right-click on the taskbar and then choose “Task Bar.”
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  • Press Ctrl + Alt+ Del and choose “Task Bar.”
  • Kill The Mafia Definitive Edition Game
  • Choose the Mafia Definitive Edition and right-click on it
  • End the program and confirm it
  • Open the Mafia Definitive Edition game
  • Choose Continue

The cutscenes will start now from where you cannot see.

Update The GPU Drivers

You must update the drivers and check as the next fix. It will be enough to allocate time and a proper internet connection from the update as NVIDIA, AMD, and other GPU manufacturers update their devices automatically.

But you can follow the steps explained in the below article to update the drivers on your Windows PC.,Select%20Update%20Driver.

Note: We recommend you update all your hardware and the Operating system specifically for the highest accuracy.

Repairing The Local Files

When your feel systems of the game have crashed, you must launch a repair. Only that can fix the issue, which will establish the file system which was previously available when you were playing the Mafia Definitive edition without any issue.

There are two ways you have to follow when looking for the repair option.

When you play the game through,

1. Steam

  • Restart the PC and launch Steam
  • Right click the game in the steam Library,
  • You will get a drop-down menu 
  • Click on Properties
  • Choose the Local Files tab
  • Click the Verify integrity of game files
  • Steam will check the integrity of the files in the system

Note: this is a lengthy process that will consume more than 02 minutes.

Also, you must not conduct any hard processes on the hard such as virus scanning or partitioning. This will give you a frozen display after a few seconds.

2. Epic Game Launcher

  • Double-click and open the Epic Games launcher.
  • Click on Library
  • Choose Mafia Definitive Edition.
  • Click on the three dots.
  • Choose Verify
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What is the Ultra Wide issue on the definitive mafia edition?

The ultra-wide issue on the mafia definitive edition is due to a bug in the game. Although the game supports ultra-wide gaming, the cut scenes are not supported.

Therefore, it prevents you from seeing the cutscenes of the mafia’s definitive edition. Not only prevent cutscenes or shutting down the game, but there can also be black bars that are continued into the mafia definitive edition game.

More than 60% of users had complained about the particular issue, which makes it a common issue.  

How can I fix the ultra-wide cutscenes issue in the mafia definitive edition?

You may follow the below steps to go ahead.

1. Download Hex (it is a path you must download from the below link)

2. Install Hex onto your computer

3. Run HxD and open File

4. Choose mafiadefinitiveedition.exe

Note: You may follow Steam library>Mafia DE> Properties> LOCAL FILES>Browse Local Files to get there.

Go to Search > Go to > Offset : C931E4

Change the 39 8E E3 3F into any of the below codes.

26 B4 17 40 for 2560×1080

8E E3 18 40 for 3440×1440

39 8E 63 40 for 3840×1080

Note: You will be able to get rid of the ultra-wide issue in the cutscenes. However, the pre-rendered cutscenes will become stretchy due to this, as they are shown as a video.

Conclusion. (How To Fix Mafia Definitive Edition Cut Scenes Not Working And Ultra-Wide Issues)

We have answered one of your most common issues in the Mafia definitive edition game. If you still have the issue, contact the Mafia developers. Since it is an issue they should address, you will get an update soon.

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