How To Fix The Mafia Definitive Edition Is Stuck On The Loading Screen?

When I started to play the mafia definitive edition, I got a never-ending load screen. Although I kept waiting for 10 minutes, it did not disappear. How To Fix The Mafia Definitive Edition Is Stuck On The Loading Screen?

After checking the Ram and the processor, I checked that the game had stopped responding. I looked for a fix and realized that the definitive mafia edition has these kinds of issues. I managed to find a few solutions and intend to bring you the fixes.

How Do I Know That My Definitive Mafia Edition Sucks On The Loading Screen?

Yes, that will be the first question to be asked. Although it takes a maximum of less than a minute to load the definitive mafia edition before playing, the load screen will not disappear. Also, I found out that some gamers faced different kinds of situations.

More than 90% of the mafia definitive edition gamers had got the Tommy in his taxi driver kit and is slightly moving. Also, there are two loading icons on display, and they disappear.

I discovered that there could be a black screen that doesn’t show anything at all. Even if you hit the escape button or anything, you will not be able to go back to the main menu or anywhere.

Some gamers complained that their devices had been irresponsive while playing the game. They had not been able to either continue the game or get into the Main Menu.

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Note: I realized that 95% of the gamers had faced the stuck loading screen while playing the story mode.

How to fix the definitive mafia edition stuck on the loading screen

I found several solutions for the loading issue.

Keep the saved file 03

I am explaining a fix for you that could help to get away from the “first session” in the Omerta mission. If you are stuck on a particular screen, you may follow the below fix. 

I saw that some users had deleted the saved file one and saved file two and kept the saved file t3. The problem disappeared install.

I tried the same thing, and it worked just fine. However, if you save another game into save file one or save file 2, the error will keep coming. Therefore, I recommend you keep the same field one and save field two empty.

Restart The Game

I found a gamer who was able to fix the issue after restarting the game. “I tried to restart the game, and it worked. I had to load the game four times, and I could continue the game on the 4th attempt.

The most important thing is I felt that only the beginning of the game had this issue as I did not have to face the Stuck screen or the black screen after that,” Simon had explained.

Free Roam Mode

If you don’t want to continue the story mode, you can easily get rid of the stuck screen. The reason is the stuck screen issue is not available for those who play the Roam mode. You may easily choose the Roam Mode and continue gaming.

Escape To The Main Menu And Replay Where You Left

A Stem Deck user had faced the trouble of not allowing him to get into the game. But, he had been allowed to escape to the main menu. After escaping to the main menu, he chose “Continue.” If you have a similar issue, you will be able to do this straight away. 

Re-install the game

I found out that “Tommy Appearing Stuck Screen” I the hardest to deal with. It doesn’t allow the gamers to get away from the screen, and the screen remains frozen all the time.

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How Can I Fix The Black Screen Error Of The Mafia Definitive Edition?

I explained to you how easily you could get rid f the stuck screen when you get to see while playing the mafia definitive edition. But you will have to take extra care when finding a fix for the Black Screen you have to see when playing the game.

The reason is you can’t see anything, and you can’t control the screen in this scenario. But, I found some extra measures that You can follow and get rid of that. Before, let’s see why you have a black screen when playing the mafia definitive edition.

Game Bug (How To Fix The Mafia Definitive Edition Is Stuck On The Loading Screen)

Game bugs are common for the AAA geared game like the mafia definitive edition. Remember, a game is not an operating system. It may contain more bugs and errors than an Operating system. If it was just one time you faced such an issue, then there is a more than 75% possibility that you don’t see it again.  

Internet Speed

I saw that some gamers had given their feedback to the Black Screen issue solutions as increased internet speed. When you have a slow internet connection, that may affect the overall Mafia definition Edition gaming experience and can cause a black screen.

Drivers That Did Not Get Updated

When you have not updated your drivers that can cause various tribes to have the same experience. Especially when you have a video driver or GPU driver that has not been updated, that may cause a black screen that you can’t escape.

Corrupted Files In The System

I discovered that 50% of the stock screen and black screen errors are caused by corrupted files. Third-party applications, virus guards, and y oar are reasons for creating such issues.

I found the following fixes as the most effective ways to deal with a black screen you got while playing Mafia Definitive Edition.

Force Stop The Game And Restart

You must escape the black screen. To do that; you must get the task manager and end the Mafia Definitive Edition app.

  • Press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together
  • Choose the Mafia Definitive Edition. Ex from the task manager
  • Right-click on it and choose the end
  • Confirm
  • Rest for 10 seconds and then refresh
  • Open the Mafia Definitive edition again
  • Update the GPU drivers
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Note: You must update the drivers and check as the next fix. It will be enough to allocate time, and a proper internet connection for the update as NVIDIA, AMD, and other GPU manufacturers update their devices automatically. 

But you can follow the steps explained in the article to update the drivers on your Windows PC. 

Note: We recommend you update all your hardware and the Operating system specifically for the highest accuracy. 

Enhance The Internet Speed

I discovered that the Mafia definitive Edition requires an active connection that has a 12MBPs speed. You must provide the speed to stay refreshed in the game. 

Repairing The Local Files

When your free systems of the game have crashed, you must launch a repair. Only that can fix the issue, which will establish the field system which was previously available when you were playing the Mafia Definitive edition without any issues.

There are two ways you have to follow when looking for the repair option.

When you play the game through,

1. Steam

  • Restart the PC and launch Steam
  • right click the game in the steam Library,
  • You will get a drop-down menu 
  • Click on Properties
  • Choose the Local Files tab
  • Click the Verify integrity of game files
  • Steam will check the integrity of the files in the system

Note: this is a lengthy process that will consume more than 02 minutes.

Also, you must not conduct any hard processes on the hard such as virus scanning or partitioning. This will give you a frozen display after a few seconds.

2. Epic Game Launcher

  • Double-click and open the Epic Games launcher.
  • Click on Library
  • Choose Mafia Definitive Edition.
  • Click on the three dots.
  • Choose Verify


We hope you have fixed your Stuck Screen issue or Black Screen Issue while playing the Mafia Definitive Edition. If it is still there, contact us. 

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